#MedsForMore is a citizen-led, Robinhood-style initiative, that was setup a year ago, to collect unexpired and unused COVID-19 medicines and distribute them amongst those with neither access nor affordability. The purpose was twofold – Increasing Impact while Reducing Waste.

Through the first wave of the pandemic, Dr. Marcus Ranney was a frontline medical volunteer for the BMC treating numerous patients in slums across Mumbai. As the second wave intensified, he saw the number of people reaching out to him for help increasing manifold. This prompted him and his wife Dr. Raina Ranney to setup this initiative. Their request was met with great enthusiasm nationally and the couple soon realised that there were many who were keen to help.

What started as a single building effort to help one patient has now extended to touch the lives of over 100,000 patients across the country, through the help of over 10,000+ volunteers in this past one year, and inspiring similar initiatives in other countries across the globe. Small acts of individual kindness that have led to waves of collective positive impact.

Whilst COVID-19 is still a big challenge in the country, the MedsForMore platform has now expanded their efforts to include other medicines and consumables as well.

You can support the efforts by sending your left over medicines and consumables to the nearest collection centre or NGO address listed on this website or you can be inspired by this platform and find your own local organisation to support.

For a country in which 45% of all out-of-pocket healthcare spends are due to the cost of medicines, causing millions of citizens to fall below the poverty line every year, this mission has and will to go a long way towards saving lives and livelihoods in our country.